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In Sanskrit, Patra is defined as a bowl, utensil or vessel, used for the purpose of serving food. Patra is a California-Indian, Fine-Casual bowl concept serving the best locally sourced produce and organic proteins available.

About Us

The Patra team is dedicated to providing our guests with the best ingredients we can source from our local farmers, ranchers and purveyors. Patra isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill, Indian curry house. We want our guests to know that we take our craft seriously but not ourselves; that’s why we formulated a concise menu that rotates seasonally based on our local farms vegetation and proteins without sacrificing the flavor that is expected. We’re committed to this process because it is the only one that has worked for thousands of years: local ingredients, great technique, amazing people…boom.

Specialty Catering

Need some help with planning a special event? You’re in luck. We Cater! Call us for your office party, wedding, birthday, bangra party, Oscar party, bar mitzvah, toga party, peace protest, block party, renaissance festival, secret society meeting, presidential inauguration etc.
Call us at 925-934-1225 or email us at

We're Hiring

Patra’s evolving talent pool needs to add disruptive yet productive individuals passionate about food and service.

To make a difference in the world by serving Patra’s, send resume to


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Our Partners

We wouldn’t be here without our partners who enable us to do what we do so well. Thanks guys!

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